Give them the Headstart to Primary School

Our mission

Primary 1 Headstart Program’s mission is to provide your children with fun, meaningful, and comprehensive learning to help prepare them for a seamless transition from Kindergarten to Primary one.

Studies show that children’s experiences upon transitioning from pre-school to primary school are perceived to have significant and long-term effects on their future and over-all development, in school and beyond. Early learning experiences play a significant role in how kids will function and affect their society when they grow up. Along with parents and educators, we work together towards readying our kids as they make a huge leap towards primary education.

Children learn the concept of integrity through their environment and personal experiences. Because the key to instilling this to a child’s behavior is by setting a standard they can follow, we uphold the values of honesty, respect, honor, and social responsibility at all times. By teaching them the concept of integrity through example, they can also apply this to other aspects of their lives, way beyond the school premises and even later in their adult lives.


Standards Of Excellence

At Primary 1 Headstart, our top priority is to provide your kids with the highest standard of education. Our carefully constructed program lessons are all in line with the guidelines set in place by the Ministry of Education, and we take pride in having a team of highly trained and well-experienced educators. Because your children deserve nothing less.

We strongly support the process of engaging the talents and ideas of parents, students, and educators in collaborative efforts of achieving common goals. Students are also provided with age-appropriate leadership opportunities to help teach them the art of working in teams while achieving tasks more effectively.



Here at Primary 1 Headstart, we acknowledge diversity and multiculturalism. We make sure that all students and families are treated equally, regardless of gender, race, or religion. Our goal is to maintain a classroom setting where students can learn, be happy, and thrive together.