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Give your 5 & 6 year olds' the very BEST Headstart to Primary 1

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Give your 5 & 6 year olds' the very BEST Headstart to Primary 1

As a parent, you nervously watched your children take their first steps and beamed with pride when they started walking on their own. While it is true that children come In varying shapes and sizes, and achieve milestones at their own pace, these are little big moments each parent would like to be a part of.

Moving up to Primary one is a huge step towards your children’s academic journey. It is one of the major steps your children will take towards learning true independence And as they transition from pre-school, you can’t help but wonder if they are indeed ready for the challenges that come with formal education.

You are excited yet anxious at the same time, unsure whether you have done enough to help equip your children with the confidence they need to face their hurdles as they move into the new and exciting world of big school. As for your kids, it is a time when learning life and academic skills can happen in leaps and bounds.

Because every child needs to have an opportunity to succeed in life, it is vital for them to acquire a love for learning at an early age. To help your children achieve their full potential in school and beyond, it is important to create an interesting journey of learning for them.


Many preschool parents have a common goal of ensuring their children’s preparedness for primary school. In order to bridge the gap between Kindergarten to Primary one, getting them enrolled in a Headstart program helps your children benefit from experiencing a gradual exposure to the demands of the Primary One Syllabus.

For 50 years since it’s inception, there are about 32 million educators, doctors, artists, engineers, military personnel, scientists, and religious and civic leaders from all across the world who remember acquiring their life-long love and value for learning through the headstart programs they underwent at an early age.

Along with school and life preparedness, headstart programs also serve as workshops for your children’s early learning innovation.

Because it’s immensely important to have a strong foundation when preparing your children for their entry into primary one, choosing the right program for your kids have become a major task for parents.

In line with these, we are happy to offer our P1 Headstart program for English and Mathematics. These are core programs designed to help children two and a half to six years of age develop a genuine love for learning and aim high to reach their goals through various academic improvement programs and state of the art learning environment.

P1 Headstart also takes pride in having the support of friendly and highly skilled staff to ensure a fruitful and fun learning experience for your little ones.

P1 Head Start currently offers two powerful programs

English Primary 1 Headstart Program (For 6 Year Olds)

Children moving up to primary school are somehow expected to have a certain degree of know-how when it comes to the English Language. This includes basic knowledge and some level of skills in terms of Reading, Phonics, Logical Reasoning, Psychomotor Skills, and Hand Coordination, Penmanship and Spelling.

Here at P1 Headstart, we focus on providing themes that interest students and encourage them to participate in fun activities and lively discussions.

To maximize your children’s learning potential, our lessons put emphasis on key areas of learning while keeping in line with the Ministry of Education’s prescribed Primary one syllabus for English.

Our P1 Headstart English Program covers structured and well-thought of topics that your children will enjoy learning through class discussions, games, songs, storytelling, open-ended questions, cloze-passage, comprehension, and fun whiteboard activities. These topics include:

– Grammar Awareness
– Reading Comprehension
– Simple Cloze Passage Exercises
– Basic Story- Writing Skills

Most importantly, we provide your children with a safe and comfortable environment that is conducive to writing and utilize the services of our friendly and highly skilled teachers to guide, assist, and brainstorm with your kids whenever needed.

To learn more about our English P1 Headstart Program click this link

Success Reader and Writer Program (For 5 Year Olds)

Your children’s learning journey starts at birth. From when they were babies trying to babble syllables and imitate sounds, to learning how to form and speak short sentences. As a parent, seeing your kids get past each of these milestones is a joyful and priceless experience. By the time they reach five, your children start widening their learning horizons, and ventures into learning basic reading and writing. This is also a crucial stage when their foundations of literacy are formed.

Research shows that kids who possess good reading and writing skills are able to perform better in school and beyond. They are happier and are more confident in expressing their views and opinions. Because reading and writing are skills that are acquired and not innate, it is crucial for them to develop the basics of these literacy skills at an early age when your kids are most receptive to learning, As a parent, choosing the right program to boost your 5 year old’s reading and writing skills becomes a major driving force towards their academic success.

Our Success Reader and Writer program focuses on helping 5-year-old kids develop into strong readers and writers. And because successful literacy comes from having a genuine love for learning, we make sure that our lessons are always fun and engaging while maintaining an environment of friendly collaboration, comfort, and innovation.

Through our Reading program, we help your children develop the ability to read through the majority of words on books for five and six-year old’s by utilizing the concepts of word construction, and pronunciation of single and combined letters. Moreover, we encourage your kids to be confident and intrinsically motivated by putting emphasis on play, activities, and fun. By teaching your kids the skill to recognize wordings and properly pronounce words, we help equip your kids with a solid foundation and strong reading skills.

Our Writing program focuses on the importance of keeping your children engaged and interested in making the writing process fun. We value their uniqueness and let the kids learn at their own pace. By providing them with different mediums and materials to use during the activities, we also encourage them to experiment and express their individuality. We also make it a point to have a wide variety of tools available for them to use to further boost their interest and engagement, and know that writing is a fun experience.

Because reading and writing are intertwined and are both essential in increasing the likelihood of success academically and beyond, we work towards helping your children become strong readers and writers through the following concepts:

– Phonemic Awareness
– Phonics Instruction
– Vocabulary
– Fluency
– Comprehension

When choosing the best reading and program for your kids, the key to success lies in finding one that will not only support their need to develop these invaluable skills but one that will also foster their interest and love for learning. With our Success Reader and Writer program, you can be sure that your kids will have fun while they learn, and that our team of efficient and well -experienced educators will be there to guide them through this learning journey.

To learn more about our Success Reader and Writer Program click this link

Simply the Best

“Let us think of education, as a means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength of a nation.” – John F. Kennedy

For every child, the early years should be a fun and interesting learning journey. Our P1 Headstart programs for English and Mathematics will help your kids develop solid skills through lessons that are fun and enjoyable.

They will be happily guided by our trained and competent teachers who have vast experiences in teaching young kids. It’s a place where you and your kids are treated like family, and each of your children’s accomplishments is a milestone that will take them to our common goal of readying them for their big leap towards primary school.

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