As a parent, you rejoiced at watching your kids take their first steps, or utter their first words. While it’s true that children develop and go through milestones in a generally predictable series of steps, every child’s development is still complex and unique. Studies show that getting an early start in reading and writing contributes largely to a child’s success in early literacy. Learning how to read and write simple words can give your kids the confidence they need and help them feel ready and excited about starting big school.

By the time they reach five, your children are likely to start extending their language skills to some basic reading and writing. They begin to understand that letters represent sounds of spoken words, and are familiar with most upper and lower case letters. They may start developing phonemic awareness, and this helps them write out some words based on their sounds. At this age, it is the best time to lay the solid foundation for your children’s reading and writing success.

For 5-year-old kids, developing good reading and writing skills play an integral part of their academic journey.

Because this is also a stage in their lives when they are most receptive to learning, it’s where we proudly introduce our Success Reader and Writer Program.

We offer a carefully structured curriculum that focuses on teaching 5-year-old kids about the basic concepts of reading and writing to equip them with the knowledge and confidence they need in learning how to read and write. Developed by a team of highly-skilled educators, our lessons involve opportunities to use language and letters to enhance reading-writing connections. We also offer a vast resource of easy to follow games and activities to help engage your kids and support their learning to read and write journey.

Moreover, our lessons are conducted in a friendly, comfortable, and highly interactive environment that is conducive to having fun while learning.


Reading is a skill that almost everyone puts to practice on a daily basis. Aside from being an academic requirement, or learning to work out what is written on a page, there are more significant reasons why teaching children how to read is very important. Some of these are as follows:

– Reading exercises their brains and improves their focus and concentration by training their minds to slow down, relax, and completely focus on what they are reading.
– Reading helps improve your children’s memory by using the memory muscles in the Cerebrum of their brains to understand and take in the context and meaning of what they read.
– Reading allows children to learn more about places, people, events, and helps improve their understanding of the world around them.
– Reading improves their language and vocabulary skills by subconsciously absorbing information on how sentences are structured and how these words are to be used effectively in their speaking and writing.
– Children who are able to read promotes achievement in a variety of subjects and are more likely to do better in school.

Our program helps your kids acquire the ability to read the majority of words in books for 5 to 6 year old’s, by teaching them the following lessons :

Construction of words. This allows us to teach your kids the ability to match spoken to written words when reading and engage in word building activities that teach them how to compare and contrast words. By using easy to follow strategies to build a concept of word and integrating this to the lessons, it also helps develop your child’s awareness of individual sounds within words.

Pronunciation of single and combination letters. Because learning a language involves mastering the production and perception of sounds, mispronouncing words can be synonymous to getting the sounds wrong. When your children are able to read single and combination letter words with the proper pronunciation, sound-meaning relationships are positively reinforced.

Building your child’s confidence. As one of the key aspects of developing them into skilled readers, we accomplish this by helping your kids with the following methods:

-Generating their interest to read through positive motivation and regular, consistent practice.
-Giving them clear phonics instructions by teaching word sounds through the proper blending of phonemes and graphemes.
-Providing them with oral and written comprehension techniques to help them improve their understanding of what is being read.
-Providing honest feedbacks allow parents to track their kid’s progress and encourages your children to achieve more.

Our program puts emphasis on providing your kids the ability and skill to recognize wordings by learning to breakdown longer words, and teach them how to properly pronounce unfamiliar words. By doing so, we are able to help build a solid foundation for your kids to read and pronounce difficult words moving forward.


Apart from learning how to read, we also focus on improving your child’s ability to write.
Generally defined as the process of generating text either on paper or screen, there are many reasons why writing is vital to the development of a child’s literacy. Some of which include:

– Writing helps reinforce phonics instruction and phonemic awareness in young children.
– Writing about what they have read helps children develop and improve their comprehension skills.
– Writing helps children understand the different kinds of styles of the text they read.
– Writing is an important means of communication.
– Writing is an outlet to express a child’s feelings.

One of the key points to remember when teaching 5-year-old kids how to write is by keeping them engaged, and we do this by making the writing process fun. Our program supports this concept through the following practices.

– Since every child is unique when it comes to progress in achieving milestones, we let your children learn at their own pace and encourage interest by incorporating our writing activities into their daily play.

– We let your children use different mediums when experimenting on writing. This may include salt trays, squishy gel bags, or even their own fingers. For some kids, this is an awesome way of introducing them to the basics of writing.

– In order to boost your child’s interest in writing, we also make sure to provide them with interesting tools such as clipboards, calculators, or telephones, chalkboards, cardboards, colors, pastels, paint, and many other enjoyable tools they can use to practice. This play tools can inspire their desire to write and jumpstart their writing journey.

-Having your kids participate in journaling by describing their pleasant experiences whether at school or at home and writing things shows them that their words have value and that they can associate writing with enjoyable experiences.


Studies show that reading and writing are interconnected and that it goes hand in hand when it comes to learning English. Teaching kids how to read and write is the most significant part of getting them equipped to handle academic hurdles that may come once they begin formal schooling. With our Success Reader and Writer program, we help develop your children’s reading and writing skills through the following concepts:

Phonemic Awareness. This pertains to a child’s ability to recognize that spoken words are made up of a series of sounds. Research shows that phonemic awareness is one of the strongest indicators of a child’s success when learning to read.

By providing creative ways of playing with sounds such as rhyming words, and maintaining a fun and playful atmosphere through our learning activities, we are able to teach your children to understand and manipulate sounds verbally, and eventually transfer this knowledge to written words.

Phonics Instruction. Teaching kids to read through the use of phonics involve familiarizing them with the sounds made by the different letters and letter groups. This is especially useful when teaching them how to properly pronounce words they are not familiar with.

Our program utilizes techniques that include using alphabet games and fun activities that help your kids break words and sound each of the letters that make up the word, then join these sounds together and make a whole word. By teaching kids how to read using phonics, your kids can easily learn new words and improve their reading skills.

Vocabulary. A greater vocabulary knowledge increases your children’s comprehension, and vital for them to do well in school.

In order to help understand words and learn to use them in acquiring and conveying meaning, our program makes use of fun activities that integrate the learning of high-frequency words. Because of their age, we also make sure that our lessons consist of a wide variety of pictures to improve your children’s word to picture association. Moreover, we also make sure to provide visual tools and materials to help enrich your children’s oral and written vocabulary.

Fluency. Fluency refers to a child’s ability to correctly and effortlessly speak, read, and write English. Helping a child achieve reading and writing fluency is vital towards their academic success. Because it is directly linked to comprehension, achieving fluency allows a child to focus on what they read and write.

By combining the lessons and activities we have created to achieve the concepts of Phonics Instruction, Phonemic Awareness, and Vocabulary, along with a lot of practice reading, we can help your kids achieve fluency in both reading and writing.

Comprehension. Helping your kids achieve reading and writing comprehension is vital in ensuring success with their academic and personal learning. It also plays a major role in helping your children develop into productive members of society.

We help your kids accomplish this through regular reading practice wherein we provide them with books and reading materials that they like. We also make use of strategies that foster increased word understanding by encouraging your kids to talk about what they have read or written and encourage them to ask questions about words, sentences, or phrase they don’t understand.


There is no doubt that reading and writing are key skills that influence a child’s likelihood of achieving academic success. As a parent, your task lies in finding the right program that will not only help enhance your children’s reading and writing skills but will also help your children develop a genuine love for learning. Our Success Reader and Writer program provide your kids with fun games and activities that encourage participation and engagement, thus making them feel that their learning and writing journey is an exciting learning adventure.

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