English Primary 1 Head Start Program

Moving up to Primary school signifies a lot of things for both children and their parents. When taking this huge step towards formal education, your kids are also making a huge leap towards learning and independence. As pre-school parents, this can make you feel both anxious and excited.

Just when you think you have accomplished all that’s needed to prepare your little ones, you begin to wonder if they are indeed academically prepared to tackle this new chapter of learning. Will they be able to express themselves in class? Or perhaps understand the lessons well enough? Do they know enough English to keep up with the demands of primary school teachings?


According to studies, kids are expected to have some degree of English know-how when entering Primary 1. This includes the following ;

Reading. Children are expected to have some degree of fluency and are able to recognize a range of sight words.

Phonics. Since Primary 1 involves a lot of identification exercises, kids who are moving up to big school should have some basic knowledge of phonics.

Predicting and making logical reasoning. After finishing kindergarten, kids should know how to make logical inferences by making use of clues coming from titles, pictures, headings, and keywords.

Psychomotor skills and eye-hand coordination. Before moving up to primary 1, kids should have the ability to properly grip a pencil as well as write using proper hand movements.

Penmanship and Spelling. Your children should be able to confidently and fluently write, recognize, understand, and spell some appropriate age-level words.

Having a strong foundation and ensuring that your children are well – equipped and prepared for this academic transition is the main goal when preparing your children for Primary 1.

With that in mind, the major role of all headstart programs is to facilitate a smooth transition from kindergarten to Primary schooling. This is to ensure that your kids will not be overwhelmed with all the changes that can take place with moving up.

But exactly how important is it for children to learn the basics of English before taking the big leap to Primary 1? More so, what is the significance of learning English to your kids?


For starters, English is considered as the official language of about 750 million people in 53 countries who acknowledge it as either a first or a second language. Globally, it is being used by hundreds of millions of people from the entertainment, technical and business industry as the international language of communication.

In Primary schools, most lessons are conducted and explained in English. Children who have a better grip of the language are more likely to comprehend and understand principles, theories, and practical applications.

Most of all, a good command of English helps when communicating with other people. it helps your kids connect with other children, and bridges the gap between people, nations, and culture.

Having said that, we are pleased to offer you our P1 Headstart English Program. It is carefully structured to facilitate gradual exposure and readiness when meeting the demands of primary 1 English Syllabus.

The lessons and hands-on activities are all conducted in a fun, lively, and highly interactive learning environment.

The topics we have carefully included in this program are all in line with the primary 1 English syllable set by the Ministry of Education.

Our p1 Headstart English program covers the following areas of learning :

Grammar Awareness. Because our main goal is geared towards helping create a strong academic and practical foundation for your kids, teaching grammar awareness is one of the most important components of our English headstart program. Since every child is unique and can respond differently to individual styles and modes of teaching, we utilize a number of techniques in teaching your kids the concept of grammar awareness.

By means of direct teacher-student instruction. our friendly and highly skilled teachers are able to introduce various grammar objectives to class. This includes important key learning areas such as basic grammar concepts, proper sentence construction, and understanding the different parts of speech.

By using technology and tools such as Powerpoint, visual aids, books and reading materials. We make sure that learning is always fun, lively and interesting.

Reading Comprehension. The ability to understand the context of words that come with sentences or multiple concepts that go with reading passages is a skill that can help your child succeed not only in English class but in almost all areas of academic study. Since reading involves both verbal and non-verbal learning, it is also a good way of honing your child’s grammar skills.

Along with this, your children will be well-guided on understanding the meaning and context of words with the help of our integrated phonics approach.

Through gentle guidance and positive motivation, along with the use of kid-friendly learning materials, our p1 English headstart program ensures that your children will develop a genuine love for reading.


Simple Close Passage Exercises. Measuring your child’s reading comprehension skills by incorporating simple, clear, and age-related cloze passages to the lessons is an effective technique which also makes learning more interesting.

In addition to this, your kids are also encouraged to create their own unique cloze passages while reading a story. These are shared with the other children in the class and makes this process of learning more authentic.

Lastly, our program focuses on creating cloze passages that are age- appropriate, simple, and interesting which your children can easily relate to.

Basic Story Writing Skills. Learning the art of basic story writing is a great way of developing your children’s creativity and helps improve their writing skills.

Through the help of our program, your kids learn to freely express their thoughts and ideas through basic story writing, and find inspiration in discovering the fascinating world around them.

Throughout this process, we make sure that they are properly guided in applying important grammar principles as they write.

With the help of regularly guided reading and by providing them with the essential writing tools, kids are able to grasp the idea of how stories are constructed.

Most importantly, we provide your children with a safe and comfortable environment that is conducive to writing and utilize the services of our friendly and highly skilled teachers to guide, assist, and brainstorm with your kids whenever needed.

“One language can set you in a corridor for life. Two languages can open every door along the way.” – Frank Smith

With recent discussions as to whether educational programs truly yield a significant improvement, choosing the best program for their kids has become a huge task for parents. Our P1 English Headstart Program is fully supported by a carefully designed and well-structured learning materials. It contains themes that will keep your kids interested and highly engaged combined with other age-appropriate learning techniques such as group discussions, story writing, games, role plays, and interactive activities. It’s a place where your kid’s learning is always fun, as we work hand in hand in readying them to the next level of their academic journey.

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